Too many people everywhere are angry with their governments. Some would even tell you they are mad. People are frustrated because they feel their elites and governments failed to provide
them the basic services that governments are supposed to provide: freedom, peace and
security, trusted civil service, and above all an economy and a socio-economic environment that
help citizens to work, provide food, education and health services for their families.

Many feel the dreams they were pursuing became nightmares. That the political elites,
oftentimes beholden to their self-interest while paying lip service to the common good and to
money, are bankrupting our moral capital and international goodwill.

Governments, systems, and bureaucracies are perceived as incompetent, corrupt, and rigged in
favor of the 1% rich, thus keeping the 99% poor hostage. In essence, what we now have is a
system of modern day slavery where the rich exploit and enslave the poor. Whence the call for
revolution to fundamentally change the greed-centered ideologies of tyranny, oppression, and
exploitation on which the status quo is founded.

Humanity is at a crossroads. We either climb to the mountaintop or slide down to the valleys of
death. ere would be hope if we revisit and critically evaluate the official narrative of history
imposed by “the victors”. There would be hope if we start a genuine conversation about
narratives. There would be hope if we start a culture of careful listening. There would be hope if
we seek to attain a deeper human understanding of life and the real meaning of the pursuit of

It is time to learn the lessons of old, engage in a rethinking of the human story of barbarism and
civilization, and invest in serving the common good of all people. When people open their minds
and hearts, they can attain a new awakening and a liberation capable of leading us to realize, at
this eleventh hour, a New 21st Century Humanism whose time has come.

This has been the author’s vision and life’s purpose and journey that powered his passion for
life’s beauty and gave him the bliss of inner peace he wishes for all of humanity.



“Absent an enlightened vision, the people perish”.

“Are there moderate Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Africans, Europeans, Arabs, Asians, White’s, Blacks, nonbelievers etc…?” This is the popular question that keeps popping up in various conversations offline at kitchen and coffee tables, corporate rooms, and media outlets or online in the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and the like, every time a breaking news flash throws at us a terrorist violent attack against innocent civilians in post 9/ 11 America, Africa, Europe and the World.

Why are they not speaking up against the radicals, the extremists and the terrorists? This book and the story you are about to read provide a humble answer. We seem to be in a reactionary mode. If someone shouts at us we shout louder. If they hit us we hit back harder. The story in this book goes further than just lashing out against something; it is about digging deeper and diagnosing the root causes of the problem and then offering an effective remedy that can cure it once and for all.

Simply put, the silent majorities around the world are hostage to obsolete governance and power concepts and practices. There is only a difference of degree to this state of siege. If humans are really serious about freedom, justice and peace, the author argues that they should put an end to this state of siege by liberating themselves from archaic dogma, embrace a new governance vision for the 21st century and effectively organize themselves to peacefully march demanding a liberation that can provide them what they desperately need; freedom, peace and justice.

From inspiration to empowerment to action for societal transformation.

Dr. El Tinay is a remarkable individual who knows what it is like to be persecuted. Yet he harbors no hate or grudge. By establishing the International Peace Quest Institute he is demonstrating his love of peace and his quest to bring peace to the world. It has been my pleasure to personally know Dr. El Tinay; we have a common affinity for helping others. He has been held prisoner in Sudan for five months; this made a better man of him. His book, Nile Sunrise, is a treatise on the International Peace Quest Institute and Dr. El Tinay’s hopes for peace in Sudan and throughout the world. The reader would do well to read Nile Sunrise, for it is an enlightening book. And it is a jolly good read.

–From Amazon review

Steven Derek MacKinnon Orr