Love, peace, beauty and solidarity were the hallmarks of my African Savannah childhood.

My early travels, studies, work and life in Africa, Arabia, Europe and America set the intellectual curiosity of the seeker in me ablaze and opened my eyes to the beauty and the diversity of the world.

My multicultural identity gave me the skills to pursue my happiness through service to others and a passion to be a mercy and a blessing to the world. I continue to have a happy life of inner peace through purpose, since my student days. Earlier in my career, I tried to serve my ideals as a diplomat, a UNESCO, a World Bank, World University Service (WUS) staff.

This exciting professional journey opened my eyes to the reality of our man made world, the good (innovation, courage, freedom, entrepreneurship), the bad (ignorance, poor communication skills), and the ugly (self-righteousness, racism, fear, intolerance, tyranny, violence and war)

No wonder then that I decided to quit the modern day slavery of serving unjust institutions and moved to the private sector. I established since 1985 EL-TINAY & ASSOCIATES STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS, a 21st Century International Cross Cultural and Business Consultancy firm, that focuses on the client’s bottom line success while building bridges of understanding amongst people. It is based in Washington, D.C.

In terms of causes and advocacy, I founded two 501 ( c ) 3 non-profits, the International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI) and the Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF), both dedicated since 1985, to advocating for a new vision/paradigm for change. For an out of the box fresh thinking that can lead to finding innovative solutions. And for the promotion of a culture of peace, justice and prosperity, the absence of which is the root cause of many of the world’s most intractable problems

We are inviting all people of goodwill to organize and build grassroots, justice, peace networks/movements for human dignity and work across the world to transform, at the most fundamental human level, the ways in which our common purpose will advance our global human civilization toward peace, justice and dignity.

I am a universal rooted in an inclusive Abrahamic spiritual heritage, and the awesome culture and civilizations of the Nile Valley and Africa. My hope is for the world to unite and realize the United States of Africa dream and make it Humanity’s Garden of Eden and Promised Land.