Exiled Hope

"EXILED HOPE ", is intended to provide you, the reader, with our foundation's and institute's perspective. Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF) and the International Peace Quest institute (IPQI), have a simple vision: work for justice & peace through cross cultural and interfaith research, education for societal renewal. Our mission is to promote a more enlightened 21st Century peace-centered approach to public policy, governance and international relations.

"I have a lifetime involvement in serving the cause of understanding and peace through friendships and exchanges since my university years. Professionally, I served as a Sudanese diplomat, and a staff at the World Bank, UNESCO and the international NGO World University Service (WUS) in Geneva, Switzerland. I am now President of my private consultancy firm El-Tinay and Associates, operating out of Washington, DC and hopefully soon out of Khartoum, Sudan."

In November 2009 I headed the call of many of my supporters and friends inside Sudan, the United States and the Sudanese Diaspora to run for the Sudanese presidency as an independent candidate and declared my running as a justice, peace, reconciliation and unity candidate.

However, on the advice of my campaign team and on serious reflection I decided to withdraw in February 2010. I might consider running in 2015 if we succeed in building an effective grass roots movement inside Sudan, in America and globally